Mid Day WTI Swaps, Costless Collars, the Curve, Pivots, Vol, CL/CS ,Cal Avg Swaps and Collars, Ti/Brent

All these levels are a snapshot in time mid day approx 12:30pm EST.. These are not trade recommendations.

Love to get some feedback on this.



CL Apr  67.00

Apr CL/ Apr CS  -.24/-21  


Cal avg Swaps  CS                     Fences costless  AO

CS Apr23-Dec23   66.80       60p/73.50c

CS Cal 2024           65.15       55p/75.50c


Price Curve Spreads  CL

Apr/May   -.20

May/June -.19  

June/July  -.06


Local Pivot Points   CLJ             

70.81 resistance 2


67.14  Pivot


63.57 support 2

Yesterday trading range $3.67.



May $67.00 straddle        7.40 theoretical value.            *Implies 47.78% volatility.              Days to exp: 31.08 days



May Cal Avg WTI/Brent spread   (BKK)



  These are not trade recommendations. Read at your own risk. Trading futures and options can result 

in job loss.




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