Crude Pivot's, Price Curve, Strips and Vol.

 Crudewire will be getting a new look, layout and function.  The following and other relevant info will become a regular feature. 
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WTI Pivot Numbers   
77.23  R2
76.31  R1
75.07  Pivot
74.15  S2
72.91  S2    
Pivot Support and Resistance levels based on yesterday's $2.16 trading range, High, Low, and Settle.
WTI Price Curve
Apr   75.48
May 75.74
June 75.80   *Peak of price curve
74.90  mar23-dec23 cal avg strip
71.43  cal avg 2024 strip
68.00  cal avg 2025 strip
*Contango in front months, but barrels further out in time are trading at premiums.
Apr 75.50 straddle value 5.26  
Implies 37.28%
20 Days to expire
Not trading advice and the above info is hearsay and not intended as a basis for any trading.



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