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A Frank Sinatra Stock Rally; Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

  Someday soon we all will be together .....If the fates allow Until then......we'll have to muddle through somehow   So have yourself a merry little Christmas...... now.           A bit on the dark side and catches the mood this holiday perfectly. Markets produced the seasonal inflection point in mid October, as called for in Is it Stocksaggedon? , and currently are in the seasonal 4Q rally also referred to in aforesaid piece.  All of that is particularly relevant at this point , not because it s so original but quite the opposite, it is commonly known by experienced investors. The big banks are all forecasting a recession and lower lows next year. Volumes and market action suggest the positioning for that is on hold, awaiting the outcome of this end of year move. An example of this is the GS Outlook below;   I cannot say I disagree, except for the rather optimistic hard landing low projected. More importantly, how does MY "merry little Christmas " play out.  Please no