Back to Lfe! Why Inflation, Rates, and Energy will get Supercharged

 A bit of actual "on the ground" info can be super telling and I ve got a lot of juicy stories, BUT. Historically, I have often been surprised by the specifics of the fundamental drivers / macro surprises that have moved markets. There s a lot going on out there. What always impresses me is how something simple and seemingly unrelated to fundamental narratives, like Fibonacci Ratios, repeatedly define the support/ resistance and often target accurately price moves.  

A little somethin somethin; WTI w equal legs down










How bout Natural Gas? A 50% pullback, looks like positive divergence on the RSI. Does seem a tad warm and what about that surprise storage build last week? Really ?

OK conspiracy theory's aside, we also had a weird under 2020 gasoline consumption number, much discussed. Sure to be interesting going forward.



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