Thursday, April 23, 2020

SD 1 speaker Tweeter and Crossover


the entire speaker is constructed from gravity-cast PBM, a kind of synthetic resin which is both rather heavy and very inert.
The speaker is a 3 way design, the bass being handled by a pair of 8" doped paper units at the bottom of the cabinet. These are internally separated from the rest of the speaker and are reflex loaded by a small port on the rear. The midrange unit is an 8" polypropylene unit which is driven 'semi-active'. The rest of the treble is then handled by a Monacor magnetostatic hybrid ribbon tweeter.
DIMENSIONS(mm) H. 1200 D. 300 W. 200
POWER HANDLING 200 W Programme
IMPEDANCE 4 Ohms nominal
FREQ. RESPONSE 35 - 30 kHz +- 3dB
FILTERS 128Hz 1st order, semi active , 3.6KHz 1st Order

WEIGHT 30kgs/66 lbs. each

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