USD Targets

USD exceeded the previous July high of  97.61 yesterday. Last Thur it took out  96.50, a point previously mentioned as confirming a significant new structure to the upside. Pls see the Aug. 31 post USD Time?

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A discussion of the lengthy sideways consolidation, it's possible wave structure, and why it is over, can be found on the hyperlink above. I encourage taking a look at it.
The risk that a new, trending, primary wave up, is now beginning, has increased significantly.
(Please note that shorter term the RSI is looking pretty elevated. )

 Targets for a Primary 5th Wave
 25 Year USD chart
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The Elliott 5th wave measuring rules is that it will very likely exceed the termination of the 3rd wave, it will have a .618 Fibonacci relationship to the preceding structure or equal the 1st wave.

5= 1 @ 112.71
5= 1 thru 3 x .618 @ 112.34
5= .618 of 3 @ 107.51

In the meantime a pullback to test the breakout at 97.61 would certainly be looked for and even a retest of 96.50 would be quite normal.
However, given the very lengthy consolidation,  pullbacks could easily be short lived.


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