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USD Update

After a terrific run up of about 4% over the last month, the USD may be due for the pause that refreshes.  6mo. chart click to enlarge Note the negative divergence on the RSI.  After breaking to new highs and successfully back testing that area around 97.50, it is looking like a rather complete wave count on the leg up from 95.00.  1 mo. click to enlarge Backing off for a modest retrace and consolidation could be expected. Clearly the 97.50 area is important. This is likely either a complete 1st wave or  -3- of 1. In the latter scenario 97.50 the 4th of lesser degree, would likely hold followed by new highs for a -5- of 1.  I lean toward the 2nd scenario looking at the BP and Euro. A slightly higher high to complete wave 1 somewhere shy of 100.00, will also allow a more serious and lengthy wave 2 correction before the USD rips through long term resistance in a powerful wave 3.  3yr

Would You Buy This?

Looking at this chart; would you be inclined to buy this? 5 yr chart click to enlarge Maybe the next chart will help. 25 yr. chart click to enlarge Maybe a related contract will further inform us.  3 yr. chart  click to enlarge 25 yr. chart Admittedly not my area of expertise BUT,  this is all that matters now for every market really, and it is NOT encouraging. Will the Fed raise rates? Does it matter?

USD Targets

USD exceeded the previous July high of  97.61 yesterday. Last Thur it took out  96.50, a point previously mentioned as confirming a significant new structure to the upside. Pls see the Aug. 31 post USD Time? click to enlarge A discussion of the lengthy sideways consolidation, it's possible wave structure, and why it is over, can be found on the hyperlink above. I encourage taking a look at it. The risk that a new, trending, primary wave up, is now beginning, has increased significantly. (Please note that shorter term the RSI is looking pretty elevated. )  Targets for a Primary 5th Wave  25 Year USD chart  click to enlarge The Elliott 5th wave measuring rules is that it will very likely exceed the termination of the 3rd wave, it will have a .618 Fibonacci relationship to the preceding structure or equal the 1st wave. 5= 1 @ 112.71 5= 1 thru 3 x .618 @ 112.34 5= .618 of 3 @ 107.51 In the meantime a pullback to test the breakout at 97.61 would cer

Indu Whipping Dollar Ripping

Could Be DB. 1 month Obviously a break either way at this point will signal next major leg. Unless it's a false "throw over" followed by a rip in the other direction. Seen that many many times actually. The SP has already taken out that support trendline at about 2143. In my mind the 2134 level which was the 2015 high needs to be taken out on the downside to be confirming a new leg down.

Crude; Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

WTI has been trading between 40 and 50 for the last 6 months, a range roughly 11% either side of 45. As there really hasn't been much in the way of new information, merely old  information spun up a little differently, it's no surprise the same old numbers are repeatedly appearing before us. 6 mo. click to enlarge One of the key factors no doubt is hedging next years production, and as I write this, WTI cal 17 is just over 52 with CLX at 4860 . That level and slightly higher, has seen active hedging interest in the past. Taking out the highs would suggest something WAS changing, but until that happens, the risk is greater of a return to the lower end of the range.  Extraneous factors; USD strength, election tightening prior to Nov.8, consumer strength, DB, weather?