Contango Flattens, Stocks Build, WTI Overbought.

All in the title. And Fibonacci targets reached. WTI, it was nice while it lasted.

Contango flattens.
(from last week)

Stocks build.                                                                
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WTI overbought.

May contract
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Note the Negative divergence on  RSI. 

And Fibonacci targets have been reached.
 BTW not only was there a .618 retrace of the move down as shown above BUT the nearby month rallied 62% from 26.05 

Going way out on a limb....could be a little downside risk here. 

Please note that new contract lows in May or June can be made while only giving the nearby month charts a deep pullback, not uncommon in 2 wave's and major pivots.
 In fact, the May contract rally has an "abc" corrective look, with the c =1.65 of the a. See above.

With Rbob in a similar chart situation and margins narrow, I would expect less severe a pullback, preserving the gap on the nearby chart.  Result; wider margins going forward into driving season.


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