China; Deadest Of Dead Cats

Tonights import/export numbers from China provoked me into looking at that little market mover again the formerly impressive Shanghai Comp
Not too impressive....

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Barely rates the description of bounce, dead cat or otherwise.
So check out my preceding posts on the Shanghai Comp, particularly July 7 

In any case the big problem for the world is the overall Elliott Wave count on this market which
still has a high likely hood of tremendous downside risk.

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The "B" wave on this 15 year chart is a classic abc zig zag structure in Elliott Wave theory, retracing a Fibonacci  .78 of the A leg down. 
The "C" wave down measured targets are;
C=A at 718 
C=.78 of A at 1700
C=.618 of A at 2422
Entire History of Comp
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Note the lows on this very long term chart are overlapping the preceding highs, suggesting an abc structure history.


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