Still Own Equities? It's Not too Late.

This morning the SP 500 is roughly 7% under it's highs. An excellent exit opportunity. Just for comparisons sake at 7% under the highs WTI crude was at $137.64,  Natural Gas $14.58, and Gold $1785
Global Markets have unanimously signaled either trend breakdowns or dug deeper into their bear markets See Bovespa -35% from it's highs. International fundamental metrics are generally very negative or deteriorating; from unemployment to trade to GDP to Capital flows. A very different environment from 2014.
The bounce since the dramatic sell off  into Monday lows is nominally significant, but it is merely to be expected when a market moves that fast, and relatively no big deal in percent terms.

Note that the INDU and RUS 2000 have a .62 retrace and 50% respectively. Exactly what one would expect.

 Pls see previous 2 posts. From Global Markets Trap Beachgoers
" the 2007 bear mkt lasted 474 days, the 2000 bear lasted 930 days, the 1973 selloff lasted 639 days."


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