Global Markets Trap Beachgoers

Oh Shit! Lets face it when you come off the beach to discover ALL your positions are like negativo and that bonus is now not only looking tiiiney but the actual assets might be called, only one thing to do: CALL UBER (at least somebody is going to benefit).

                                       Actually, that s my neighbor getting me off island.

But here s the thing; are there any shorts to step in and buy, or after being systematically destroyed over the last  6 years by the algos and the fed, the short side is really just a minimal hedge position and actually will get added to. I think the latter. Spec Put longs may do some profit taking on the vol blow out, but how much of that is out there?

I m not even going to put up a chart. But please see my Aug 12 post OH OH Equities.

Just a little reminder; We are now 4 days into this; the 2007 bear mkt lasted 474 days, the 2000 bear lasted 930 days, the 1973 selloff lasted 639 days.



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