Gasoline: $6.00 at the Pump?

Markets in general have, for quite awhile, been rather boring. That is about to change. Gasoline is a good example; it has traded within 16% of $3.00 since January of 2011; 2.5 years! That range appears to be at high risk of being taken out explosively to the upside. So much for boredom.
First a little background material.
Gasoline has a pretty regular seasonal pattern. Walter Zimmerman's work on this has the mid-summer low, occurring on avg. July 21, followed by a 32% rally into October.
A 32% rally from the June 26 low of 2.69 targets 3.55, taking out the overhead resistance line seen below at around 3.44

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So Gasoline has been trending sideways, considered corrective in most all technical methods, for an extended period of time. In Elliott Wave terms there is a good case for an "abc" count down from the highs labeled "Y" ,  probably completing this correction . Additionally gasoline is currently  subject to a bullish seasonal pattern that can last for another 2 or 3 months.  Note the increase in volume on the recent thrust up from C.

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Looking back further it can be seen that new highs above the $3.65  will also be seen as a much longer term breakout; potentially targeting roughly $5.40 on a C=A equivalent leg basis.
Hence $6.00 at the pump.

There's a little pullback going on right now on low volume; probably won't last long.

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The "-1-" up is 47 pt.s
if there is an abc -2- pullback of 50% to 2.93 
any leg greater than .50 up will put in new highs.
If a 3rd leg up was 1.38 x .47 = 3.58 ( see avg. seasonal rally target above at 3.55)

I'm pretty skeptical that a move of this magnitude can be demand driven...more likely supply disruption from 
any number of sources will have to kick in to maintain momentum.

And LONGER TERM here's a really handy interactive map using the latest projections on sea levels going forward....
plug in your local refinery location.


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