And The Winner Is......

CRUDEWIRE! Yes folks, Crudewire has won the Crudewire Prize for Best Natural Gas Analyst of the Year 2012. And well deserved if I do say so myself. Crudewire Prize: Natural Gas Analyst of the Year
And just to tie up loose ends; from the last natural gas post of 2012 on Dec 1, Natural Gas Elliott Support And Targets

"The "c = 1.616 of a" and weekly RSI negative divergence increases the odds that an initial "abc" up is complete.

An X wave retracement of Fibonacci 50% or .618 has to be allowed for, so downside targets are 3.00 and 2.80."

Can't wait to tuck into that private label Crudewire Barbeque Sauce etc.
And for those of you feeling a twinge of envy there's always next year. Have a great one.


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