Crudewire Prize: Natural Gas Analyst of the Year

That's right;  Announcing The CRUDEWIRE Prize for Natural Gas Analyst of the Year.
The prize will be awarded to the Natural Gas Analyst with the most accurate and spectacular, documented market forecasts for the preceding year, as determined by an anonymous panel of industry peers.
The CRUDEWIRE Prize will consist of a case of private label CRUDEWIRE Barbecue sauce, a case of Heineken, and a large jar of Tums.
The Prize will be awarded on New Years Eve, and all documentation must be received by Dec.29th.

And to kick things off, I hereby nominate.....(drum roll please)....myself.

Natural Gas Hits Long Term Target
May 1
Natural Gas Catches a Bid
May 17
Natty and Chesapeake
June 28
Natural Gas Update
July 1
Natural Gas Hits Target
Post #1001- Natural Gas Update
Sept. 3
Natural Gas Seasonal Low?
Natural Gas Target Update
Natural Gas Elliott Targets
Dec. 1
Natural Gas Elliott Support And Targets

Comments of course are welcome, along with any and all nominations (which I guarantee to publish) .

Merry Christmas
Guy W Bishop


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