Crudewire Prize: Crude Oil Analyst of the Year

Announcing The CRUDEWIRE Prize for Crude Oil Analyst of the Year.
The prize will be awarded to the Crude Oil Analyst with the most accurate and spectacular, documented market forecasts for the preceding year, as determined by an anonymous panel of industry peers. Don't ask.
The CRUDEWIRE Prize will consist of 2 case's of private label CRUDEWIRE Hot Sauce ,  and a large jar of Tums.
The Prize will be awarded on New Years Eve, and all documentation must be received by Dec.29th.

Now on this one somebody beside myself has a pretty good chance of winning. 
I posted very little over the last year on Crude Oil,  having not had a clear idea of how the Elliott Wave count might resolve itself  but, as it turns out,  neither did the market. Still the WTI/Brent Spread work was hot.

January 9
WTI/ Brent
February 9
WTI / Brent Update
May 3
WTI/ Brent Update
August 20
WTI Medium Term Elliott Update
December 6
WTI Medium Term Elliott Update

Come on, somebody out there must have done better than this.
Happy Holidays
Guy Bishop


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