Meditations for Traders Who Worry Too Much

New book I'm writing;

Meditations for Traders Who Worry Too Much

By Don Corzinowski

Jan 1
Thought for the Day
Some days we wake up to find ourselves thinking about all our troubles, real and imagined. Our heads feel like they are on a treadmill going faster and faster;  “ what about the papertrail?, are the Feds coming today? , how will I look on the perp walk? “
Sometimes it’s natural to think about the coming day, and it’s demands and obligations, but needless worry never got anybody ahead in this world. I mean, with thoughts like those running around , who would want to get out of bed?
So first thing ; Don’t worry be happy.

Meditation for the Day
Today, when I start to worry about the paper trail, I will remember the universe cares about me, 
when I catch myself looking out the window to see if there are any Crown Vicks pulling up, I will remember;
“Don’t worry be happy”


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