In case you were wondering

In today's NY Times; Euro-Area Economy Seen Almost Stalling 

"Economic growth in the euro area fell more than expected in the three months through June, according to official figures released Tuesday, as growth in Germany came almost to a standstill."
More than expected? Call it what it is ...More than hyped, or at least more than hoped.

And I love this..." Analysts at Commerzbank said that a warm spring meant that construction projects in Germany had begun earlier than usual, subtracting some activity from the second quarter. Without that effect, growth for the quarter would have been 0.4 percent, they said."
At least we know who's expectations were disappointed.

Average New Irish Mortgage Drops Below 200,000 Euros

DUBLIN (Reuters) - The average size of a new Irish home loan dropped below 200,000 euros (176,585.60 pounds) in the second quarter for the first time since official statistics began in 2005, data on Tuesday showed.
I think the US stat is around
Remember when you could pick up a cute cottage on the Connemara coast for 50,000 USD ? Around 1990 maybe.


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