Crude Oil Elliott Wave Count

The current Elliott Wave count on WTI;
Active Mo. Weekly
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I have simplified the labeling on the B wave obviously. Of particular note was the complex structure and the extended length of time it ran, lending support to the B wave labeling rather than a 2 wave labeling. The current move down is the beginning of C.

 Active Mo. Daily
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Note there is as yet no positive divergence on the RSI (though it is oversold). 
There has been an overlap of the beginning point of the last leg up; the c of -C- of B.
The move down has exceeded the .618 retrace of the -C- of B. There has been increasing volume.
It is likely that WTI is in a -3- of 3 of C. 

 Active Mo. Hourly
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 WTI did get the corrective bounce Friday cautioned about in that mornings 6:20 am post, 
Elliott 3rd Waves and Crude Oil 
"Caution; any corrective bounce even a modest one of .382 will be very painful given the extent of the move. And it is a Fri. in August."

The 3 wave can evolve and the labeling on the subwaves change rather easily. However, the most likely scenario, given the repeated series of 1,2's of lesser degree, will be for a repeated series of 4,5's of greater degree to complete a C wave down.

There has been a lot of  "adjusting of expectations" by brokers, analysts etc. My analysis has consistently reflected the above Elliott Wave Count ( the rally as a corrective wave) and the expectation of major C wave down.

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The above list contains all my WTI posts since May 3rd. Have a read and have fun.
BTW "Long Term Crude Oil Targets" is still current and unadjusted.


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