Natural Gas Freak Out

Algos gone wild?

From putting everyone to sleep as it moved sideways toward an apex of 4.20 sometime next Nov.. .....
( cue up the tune  Freak Out! here)
Natty overlapped the previous high of the X wave at 4.88 , reversed and dropped 50 cents ( retracing .60 of the preceding 2 week move up) all in less than 5 min.! And then retaking most of that fall in the next 30 min! 
5 min.
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The upshot of overlapping the wave labeled X, is that it advances the probability of the move up being longer term and carrying above the 2010 high of 6.11 . 
From previous post June 2,
"I believe the low on May 20 of 4.077 was the end of the 18 month choppy, complex B wave down.
The next series of abc's will equal the 1st series up @ 7.80 (roughly).
The 50% retrace of the 13.70 to 2.40 C wave is @ 8.10.
The .382 retrace of 15.78 to 2.40 is @ 7.48"
Active Mo. Weekly
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Very short term NG probably needs to chop around a little before putting in fresh highs over 4.92.
It is possible that this mornings move up is minor b wave with a minor c down still to come. Given the recent range even if truncated c= .382 of the "a" , that could still be a drop to 4.75. It will be interesting to see what it does at 4.82.
 5 min.


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