Crude Oil Update

That was naaasty yesterday. And, in contrast to the choppy time killing bounce, it was easy to count and trade; exactly how you might expect the beginning of a 3rd wave to announce itself.
The overnight overlap of the previous lows from May 26 and 30, confirms the beginning of a new structure down from the highs of May 31. The next milestone will be the 96.37 low of May 23.
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Note the positive divergence on the 14 RSI.  A bounce is to be expected, though it may be of the dead cat variety if it is a (4) wave.
The maximum retrace of the previous 2 of larger degree was 50% .

The Brent has a slightly cleaner count on the 2 wave;
 Active Mo. Weekly
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The c=a to complete the B wave up on the above chart.

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The 2 wave is an easy to count abc retracing 50% of the 1 at the completion of the c wave.
Note the failure to get into the gap.
The next leg down  =  the 1 @ 98.94
and is 1.618 of 1 @ 88


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