WTI Update

Yesterday there was a slight penetration of the ascending wedge trendline, encouraging the bears looking for a B wave top. SeeCrude Trend Line
 Active Mo. Daily
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Note the negative divergence on 14 RSI.
 The above labeling depicts the abc structuring of the move up, typical of corrective moves and B waves. A wedge would be a classic ending pattern.
The "c" is a 100% extension from the "a" high.
Within the "c" wave the z = 50% of the y, and the y = 76% of the w.

Fibonacci relationships on the weekly chart;

 While the above does not represent my preferred count, I've often thought that the circled price behavior may well all have been the -B- wave. It sure was confusing enough.
Thought the near -C- = -A- interesting.
Below is the conventional and preferred count .
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Negative divergence on the RSI.
The -C- high is a 50% extension from the -A- high. Overall the B wave retraced 72% of the A wave, in itself without Fibonacci significance. Oddly 114.80  is 32.2 under 147.

Shorter term;

15 min.
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So far no real easy 5 count down. it could use an extension to encourage the bears. Penetrating 109.30, the .618 retrace of the last "z" wave, will raise a red flag for the bulls. Of course overlapping the 105.30  point will confirm it all.


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