Is the USD pause in its upward trajectory (powered by the largest short position ever) finito?
3 rd wave up anyone?
USD Daily
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(There was no negative divergence of the Daily 14 RSI at the highs .)
New highs would take out the .382 retrace point and get the Elliot folks excited. 
A test of that trend line could also be expected after the sharp reversal up from the lows.
 The overlap of the May 9 high by the May 13 low, opens up the possibility that we have  a series of 1-, -2-'s of 3 already, either that or a running 2 correction. In both cases it suggests a strong thrust up is imminent.
30 Min.
Note the -c- = -a- pullback off the highs.
 Early support for this view would be taking out the 50% retrace of the last leg down
at 75.62


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