Crude Oil Correction

Ok, looks like a very good possibility that the 2 wave correction up discussed in the previous post,
Crude Oil Update is complete.
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Note that the second series of abc's is .618 of the first series.
I'm labeling this as a double zig zag 2, rather than a -1-, -2-, because the wave labeled x did not make any new lows.
Additionally the structure of the final c wave is also structured as -c- = -a-.
 15 min
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Now looking for a 3 wave down that will have some relationship to the 1st wave's move of 20.23.
From 101.42 the 
3= 1 @ 81.19
3= 1.618 of 1 @ 68.69 
3 =  2.618 of 1 @ 48.46

Additionally from May 8 
Crude Oil Targets

The C wave =  .78 of the A  at 25.41
The C = .76 of the A at  27.70
The C= .618 of A at 43.98.
The above 43.98 = a 76% retrace of the 10 to 147 final move up in the previous structure as well.


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