Update SP / CL / NG

SP 's have yet to produce much in the way of 5 wave counts, up OR down. I suspect it's going to keep us in suspense a while longer.

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Slight negative RSI divergence at the high as well as this mornings lows.
The move up , while overlapping the previous 1st wave at 1292.50, can still turn out to be the -2- of a 1,2, -1-, -2- structure. 

Crude is looking to challenge the 107  spot mo. high , made a bit easier by the roll . On the other hand the move down off the highs does have a look of 5 down and the move up the last few days still looks kinda like an abc...so maybe further consolidation under the highs?
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Note the repeated negative divergence on the 14 RSI.
There is a near c=.618 of a.

Natty is starting to put in impulse wave structures on the upside, as discussed in the previous post
Natty Rebound .
"It would be very constructive for NG to hold the 50% retrace and put in new highs, giving a definitive 5 wave structure and crossing over those mov avg's. Overhead the gap and 50% retrace at 4.31" DONE.
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Note the Mov. Avg. crosses and lack of any negative divergence on the 14 RSI.. closing of said gap and tagging the 50% retrace point.
A little consolidation would be in order here.
There is slight negative divergence on the 14 RSI looking back. That .382 retrace ought to get  a test.
P.S. there was SOME decline in the spec short open interest last week, about 5%. Lots more where that came from.


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