Friday, January 28, 2011


The looked for X wave down, see Natural Gas Wave Count
extended past the 50% retrace of the "y", and currently stands at .68. It MAY be complete.
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However as stated previously, the structure up could well turn out to be a double zig zag, which allows for a much deeper move down. I DO think another zig zag up is likely, for a "z" wave. This is because there is a clear historic low at 2.40 and Natty hasn't spent enough time or price working up from there. The move up is structured in abc, x's, unfortunately, making it a tough flat trade.
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The 'x' wave down now has an abc structure. There is no RSI divergence as yet.

5 min.

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So is the X wave done? NG needs to hold here and take out the 4.35 level.

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