I suppose the HFT bots may have completely taken over, but sharp short covering jam jobs have always been a feature of bear markets, esp one day wonders. The big question in my mind is, whether this close to Aug and the usual low volume ( can it get lower?) associated with that month, there isn't a longish DELAY in the anticipated -3- of 3 of III down as the algo's rule? Sept. IS the seasonally worst month for equities.

The high of 147 for WTI was achieved on July 7 2008 of course, and the rest of that month was kinda tough ( down $37),  but August 2008 was relatively stable. There is a seasonal high that hits in late August.
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The countervailing argument IS that, as we know, July can see big downside, and these charts just don't look anything but bad -an overlong, choppy corrective rally following a major primary 5 waves down, clearly rolling over with a Head and Shoulders set up, MACD crossing over, and not even being close to being oversold.

 Here's the SP:


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