Natural Gas Update

To put all this in context please take a sec to check out the last 3 posts;
from June 15 Natty Update
from June 22 Natural Gas .618 retrace
from June 30 Natty
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Natural Gas will settle below the .618 retrace of the entire structure up from 3.82 to 5.25. The next Fibonacci support, .76 will show up at 4.17. That level represents a very deep .88 retrace of the last leg up beginning on May 25th at 4.02, and really confirms that this move down is a new structure. As such it will most likely be related to the move down from  6.11 to 3.82, as either c=a @2.94, or c=.618 of a @ 3.84. Given that the .618 retrace of 2.40 to 611 hits at 3.82 as well taking that out will certainly look weak but also be expected of a new  c wave within the zig zag move down from 6.11.
The .76 retrace of 2.40 to 6.11 is at 3.30, the .85 retrace of same is at 2.95, so a  cluster of support at 2.95
BTW another ABC up from that kind of low (2.95) is to be expected and could well be a Fib multiple of the 2.40 to 6.11 move.
Shorter term:

Looking a little oversold with minor positive divergence on the hourly RSI.


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