From May 12,
WTI Update
"The WTI may have 2 up complete today as shown. If so the implication is that the next leg down can easily equal the 1st leg or more likely be a fibonacci multiple.
3=1 at 64.46 , and 3= 1.618 of 1 at 56.72.
Lets see if the move down exhibits 3rd wave characteristics."
So far that appears to be the case, however the above numbers need a slight adjustment;
3=1 at 63.81, and 3= 1.618 of 1 at 56.00, reflecting the eventual 2 count .
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It IS taking awhile for the 3 of3 type acceleration to appear....AND it may be this count is overly aggressive.
Obliviously overlaps of the 2 would negate this particular subwave count. 
However the  overall context has us in very early stages of a move down that is very likely to be extensive. 
WTI Overview

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The overlap of 69.50 on the spot chart is highly negative, and while the roll into the July contract provides a little lift, it too will likely take that point out after some fooling around. The next glaring milestone will be the 65.05 overlap. In addition there is a Fibonacci .382 retrace of the whole move up at 66.24.
My guess is that is where the 3 of 3 will be showing up. 66/65.



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