Rbob and Memorial Day W.E.

Memorial Day W.E.is coming up this week, and is often noted as the start of the summer "driving season". 
As we know, the seasonal spring high for Rbob hits in there somewhere. In fact, the high has occurred in the late April to early May window 11 times out of the last 25 years, with the avg. falling on May 15th. ( Walter Zimmerman @ United has done great work on seasonal cycles.)
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This year is right on schedule.  See Rbob Overview and Targets  from May 12. and from May 17
Rbob Update
 "The 50% retrace of the C on the weekly chart is at 2.025, the .618 at 1.93 and the overlap of c of C, of course, at 1.87.
Note the 200 week and 50 week moving avg. at 2.05 and 2.00 respectively."
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Please note all the tech support points mentioned above have been taken out with the exception of the 1.87 c of C overlap.
That overlap will likely coincide with the -3- of 3 down, the moment of recognition, coming up any minute now. 
Just in time for the Memorial Day W. E.


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