Equities Revisited

Seems like the whole world is confidently looking for new highs. Even the bears, contrarians , and Elliott wavers are calling for likely higher highs (even if only by 10 SP points). Myself included.
Check this out:
click to sharpen
I mean how high can it go? 
Big Picture:
The INDU has retraced .59 of the crash at 11038. The .61 comes in at 11,183. The .62 is 11260.

The structure up from the lows is also looking pretty complete, complex as it is.
The last leg up that began from 9835 is .50 of the first leg up from Mar 08. The structure up from the Jul 09 lows to the highs is 1.236 of the that same first leg up at 11059. 

In other words not exactly where you want to be buying. Re the short side; this trend line looks like it would provide confirmation.


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