SP Wave Structure

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These charts both exhibit similar structural characteristics, of different degree. The general shape appears to be of 5 waves, but each wanna be "impulse wave" is actually structured as an "abc", or 3 series of "abc"'s of lesser degree.. 
This has been a long and difficult count, in corrective abc structures and getting the degree right is, unfortunately, often in retrospect. 
Note that the recent leg up from 1040 is .37 of the 666 to 958 leg and .39 of the 870 to 1148 leg.  On the basis of that relationship, and the count up from 1040, this may well be the final flourish of the corrective rally.
Of course, it may turn out the latest up from 1040 is of "lesser degree" and there is another iteration after some fib pullback.In any case a .618 retrace of 1040 to 1148 puts it back down at 1081 roughly the "d" support area.


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