Option Executions

Now for a word from our sponsor,  Skokie Energy:
If you are reading this blog, presumably you have an interest in energy markets and value. At Skokie Energy , Clearport and ICE Brokers, we are highly focused on value...finding it and delivering it.
Our customers and daily contacts include the most active couple hundred participants in the energy options market. Upstairs and Nymex floor market makers, international investment bank's, utility companies, end users, trading co.s, hedge funds, refiners, etc.

If you are looking to get a quote on a particular options structure we go to the appropriate market makers and other participants who might be have an interest, and put together a tight bid/ask. We can, and do, execute size positions all the time, and we will work modestly sized, difficult to price stuff as well. Our customers are comparing our quotes to the rest of the marketplace and execute with us because of the value we can present.

If you are a commercial or institutional energy market participant add my I M: guywbishop  ( on Yahoo ) and guybishopOTC (on AIM).  You will get strad vols, trades done etc  and of course shorter term mkt updates. AND great executions!

And now back to your regularly scheduled program.


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