WTI 2010 High

There are a number of different targets for WTI that can be projected depending on how the June 26 thru Oct.23 period is counted. In any event that produces a cluster of targets overhead  ranging from 81.06 to 83.13 to 86.66.  The 81.06 comes from a .382 of the Feb 13 to July 2 ABC structure of $41.96 , using 65.05 as the beginning of the final 3rd ABC up from 32.40.The 83.13 is equivalent to the 1st ABC up from 32.40 using 65.05 again as the beginning point.

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With the potential for multiple targets overhead caution is probably in order. A new low on the day, taking out that trend line,  would obviously be confirmation of a reversal.

BTW last night around 10pm EST saw a story up on Bloomberg about WTI trading over $80. Very nice.


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