SP Update

Thursday seems so long ago, the SP was at 1135, and the VLX index was 18. . ...and really it's a whole new ballgame. China , the USD,   money for nothin',  not to mention that whole Obama Volcker thingy .  I mean what's a girl to do without a customer book to trade against.

The SP Mar confirmed it's failure at 1148, with the overlap of 1109, the first lower low since July.
Now it's sell any bounce. Kinda thought we might get it on the opening Mon. but it came in tonight (Sun) .

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This is a .62% of the very last leg down . 

Mon. morn Update:

The bounce was high enough to look like another 2 wave back up....-2- of 3 ? That count of course will make for a very ugly Monday. It does look over, so new lows on the day , under 1096, will confirm.


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