Natural Gas and Crude Option Values

At Skokie Energy we get markets for large options traders and  execute for them.
That info is communicated NOT on this blog but via IM's

An example of one of todays markets in NG follows:
    apr-oct 4.00 put strip 1125/.1325  crossing 5.80
apr-oct 700 call strip .3950/.4150   xx580  
feb 5.70 strad .83/.86

Here's some crude;
 M 50/60 1x2 vs 7750 trading 60
 Options: j 110/120 cs trds 12
z11 150c @ 220

If you have need of that kind of info and
clear Nymex Clearport or ICE,  Email me with your IM info at
We will put you on the list.


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