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From Zero Hedge

Were You Affected By Today's ICE DXY Order Cancellation? Let Us Know 

Due to numerous external inquiries and complaints, we would like to solicit reader input from those traders who were impacted by the ICE's cancellation of 12,000 DXY contracts voided on November 3rd (8,000) and also today on November 20th (4,000). As a reader submits: "We are interested in forcing them to disclose who (i.e. firms, maker makers, etc.). participated in these cancelled trades, at what price and volume, and request WHY these trades were cancelled."

How long can this blatant AND probably illegal manipulation continue?  I suppose this is the " new normal". Not so free markets, ok , but cancelling trades because they don't fit the gov's playbook ?  Whoa man , can we write into that script that I am 28 yr.s old , good looking and have inherited vast wealth?     


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