Natural Gas Hitting It's Marks

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Natural Gas is almost text book at this point. It reversed from the .618 retrace at  yesterday's low, and made an easily counted 5 waves up to 4.975. See Natural Gas Wave Count where 5.00 is targeted as C=A up.  So is that it?  Since then it has had what looks like an abc down to retrace .618 (about) of yesterday's rally. The 5 count up yesterday and corrective look of the little retrace suggest further highs are probable. If the next  leg is "c" = "a",  with "a" 4.39 to 4.99 it targets 5.20. If "c" =1.618 of "a" it targets 5.57, also C =1.382 of A. So If it can make new highs 5.20 then 5.57.

Oh I almost forgot. The fib .236 retrace of 15.78 to 2.40 is 5.57


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