SP High

The SP had an orderly move lower this early morning with a structure normally associated with impulse waves. However slightly before the opening, it began trading up with choppy overlapping moves that usually are indicative of corrective structures. It's become very difficult in this clearly manipulated market environment to trust the tried and true. However even with all that effort todays high was still a little shy of the .382 retrace @ 1013. That has been a long term target for this rally. Lets see what happens when the trendline is taken out.

A Ramping Market On Disappearing Volume: Volume-To-Price Correlation of -.81!
posted by Tyler Durden at zero hedge - 1 hour ago
If you want to ramp the market, do so on low volume days when your strategy is the dominant marginal price maker. Enter Exhibit A. It is no surprise, yet is should be a total shock, *that the correlation...

Last week the Vickers Weekly Insider Report listed current INSIDER SELLING at 4.16 to 1. The last time this indicator was this high was the beginning of one of the biggest sell offs in history, October 2007, the top of the 2002-2007 bull market. ...Buyer beware alright.

Zero Hedge has had many very interesting blogs on the maechanism's by which all this is getting done.


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