Natural Gas E.I.A. Highlights

Playing catch up this weekend

"Working gas in storage exceeds historical levels by significant margins for this time of year in each of the three regions, with inventories in the Producing region exceeding the 5-year average by 271 Bcf and last year’s levels by 306 Bcf."

"Working gas stocks appear likely to exceed the previous all-time record in the history of the weekly series of 3,565 Bcf reported in the Natural Gas Monthly at the end of October 2007."

And this transportation note;

" # A variety of interstate pipeline companies have started reducing service flexibility, citing high storage injection activity despite high inventory levels. Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company on Wednesday, August 26, issued a system-wide alert notifying customers that their actual daily flow rate must not exceed 2 percent above scheduled quantities or 500 decatherms (Dths), whichever is greater. A penalty of $0.2198 per Dth in excess of these levels applies to physical quantities related to over-deliveries by receipt point operators and under-takes by delivery point operators. Similarly, Columbia Gas Transmission implemented tighter controls on Thursday, August 27, noting that a penalty of $5.00 per Dth applies to all volumes injected in excess of 110 percent of shippers’ maximum daily contractual quantities. Columbia Gas suspended services for customers with lower-priority or interruptible contracts. "

Is the above connected to the relatively low injection figures from the Producing region?


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